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Learning about vitamins and mineral supplements is a great way to get proactive about your health. This site has over 300 articles on natural health, so chances are we have what you're looking for. For those in a hurry, some quick link topics are below.

Although the DIY approach is sometimes criticised by medical experts - and with good reason when it comes to self diagnosis, and treating serious conditions solely with natural remedies - there is still a huge benefit in looking for information about natural solutions to health problems.

Herbs can provide excellent support for our body, as we heal from whatever ails us. Even for serious conditions like cancer, diabetes, heart disease and others, many people have found success in using herbs and vitamin supplements, as well as whatever medications they are prescribed.

But even if you don't have something that is potentially life threatening, nutrition, vitamins, and herbs can gently boost vitality and wellbeing. Some are effective at shortening the length of time someone is sick, such as immune boosting herbs. Others help resolve long standing problems, such as chronic constipation and general malaise.

Sometimes all it takes are good old fashioned home remedies! The Chinese have a fascinating and effective system that uses a lot of food, categorized according to the energetic qualities they display as they are digested. Although the theory may seem a little esoteric, the results are surprisingly effective. I've never looked at ginger in quite the same light since I found it to help with some tension headaches and muscle stiffness!

There is quite a lot of research that has been done now on vitamins and minerals, to the point where they are well and truly in the mainstream. You can even get vitamins from your doctor! But how can you tell if you really need a supplement? We cover the signs and symptoms of deficiency in these vitamin information articles, as well as important stuff particular to each. And what about one a day vitamins?

Minerals are an important topic that is often overlooked, so we have a comprehensive section on all the minerals, including trace minerals. This topic touches on environmental issues, like the quality of our soils, and the nutrient density of fruit and vegetables.

a jar full of supplementsPerhaps not so surprisingly, there is a relationship between a lack of adequate nutrition, and obesity. The food choices of people who are overweight are often not the best. I've got information on two low carb diets - the Zone diet, which is my recommendation, and the Atkins diet. Although the Atkins diet has a lot of serious problems associated with it, including bad breath, I have tried to be fair and look at what positives there are as well. But I certainly don't recommend anyone trying it! And for those looking to boost their metabolism, make sure you check out this article on green tea and weight loss.

Vitamins and minerals can play an important role in hair growth. As well as covering articles on hair loss, there are natural beauty articles, and acne articles. MSM is an excellent beauty mineral, so be sure to check out that series.

For bodybuilding and sports enthusiasts, there are many articles, with some audio coming soon!

I cover a lot of different health conditions throughout the site. If you're looking for something in particular, the easiest way to find it would be to use the site search feature found in the nav bar to the right.

For women, make sure you check out the PMS remedy, and the article on Maca root.

And if you have any comments about the site, I'd love to hear them! My contact details are also on the nav bar.


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